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Open the door to enquiry: A planning tool for teacher-librarians and teachers in primary schools

This new multimedia publication puts the focus where it should be on the learners. It informs and opens the door for you on the wide variety of resources and materials to support you as you implement inquiry-based learning at your school. Features a book, poster and CD-Rom.

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Knowing Readers

Knowing Readers

By Susan La Marca and Pam Macintyre.

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Managing for Learning

Managing for Learning

Edited by Maranne Punshon. Download a current review of this publication from FYI here.







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What a Teacher librarian can do for you :

Compiled by Susan La Marca, this extensive CD ROM provides inspirational quotes, articles, links to website, research and supporting information which highlight the vital role of the teacher-librarian in student learning and achievement.

Valuable as a tool for:

  • planning and policy development
  • advocacy
  • submission writing
  • encouraging collaboration
  • developing a clear understanding of your role

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Guided Inquiry:

Information into deep knowledge and deep understanding: a guided inquiry approach - the School Library and the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

Several informative sample Powerpoint presentations are available here for download:

CISSL Guided Inquiry web resource Research and scholarship which show how Guided Inquiry through school libraries in 21st century schools can be developed and implemented to enable students to learn meaningfully from diverse and complex information sources.

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Researching Together: Engaging Minds


Researching together: Engaging minds:

Developed by the library team at Bendigo Senior Secondary College in Victoria, this user-friendly, intranet-enabled resource provides collaborative learning teams with the scaffolding to implement inquiry learning and essential interdisciplinary skill development.

For use by teams of teachers and teacher-librarians to:
- custom design learning activities to enhance student engagement, personal learning and achievement
- explore new ways of combining the thinking curriculum, ICT and research skills
- use a wealth of valuable tools to develop learning and teaching strategies
- extend professional development.

Note: All templates are supplied in HTML, Word and Powerpoint formats.

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How to run a Reader's Cup :

Everything that you need to stage a successful Readers’ Cup Competition at your school:

See how a Readers’ Cup supports:
• student-centred learning;
• an inquiry approach;
• the Victorian Essential Learning Standards; and
• the Principles of Learning and Teaching.

Follow the step-by-step instructions:
• templates;
• timelines;
• prepared questions (and answers) in PowerPoint format for 60 well-known books.

Engage students/collaborate with English teachers/raise the profile of reading in your school.

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Teacher Librarian Program P-6

The Teacher Librarian Program P- 6 :

Approaches to information literacy

The ultimate resource for primary teacher-librarians developed by Denise Boyko, Sandy Davey and Joanne Macdonald.
The long awaited and much anticipated electronic edition of the Teacher-Librarian Program has been updated and expanded and can be customised to suit individual needs and requirements.

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Making a difference

By Lesley Burgess and Shirley Melissas, this user-friendly electronic research guide is a critical tool in implementing a whole-school approach to information literacy.

The Making a Difference CD is entirely self-contained with an easy to use installer. It can be run from the CD or installed onto your computer or the school network. Users need only to have a recent version of a standard web browsing software (Internet Explorer v 5.0+ or Netscape 7 +) and the free Flash plug-in. All installation details can be found on the CD's User Guide. 

Follow this link to read some wonderful feedback about Making a Difference or click here to read a recent article about the CD.

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What a teacher-librarian can do for you!

Download this A4-sized PDF document, print it out and display it in your library or pass it around to your colleagues to help make them aware of what a teacher librarian can do for them!

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School Libraries Day Promotional Materials

Choose from a range of posters and bookmarks. Order form available here.



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